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Something else I want from Autism Acceptance Month (aka April aka “Autism Awareness Month) besides a collective disinvestment from Autism Speaks, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Relationship Development Intervention, and things of that nature:

For everyone to understand that nobody self-diagnoses as autistic because it’s fun, or cool, or easy, or fashionable, or whatever other anti-autistic ableist ways people like to describe the rise in people self-diagnosing as autisitc.

Not a single person does it for those reasons, especially due to the fact that everyone is painfully aware of how much autism and autisitc people are demonized by society. …

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Because I know the inevitability of this, I’ll get out ahead and say that I AM NOT – I repeat, I AM NOT – here to make excuses for or justify the actions of Kanye West.

Nor am I at all interested in that.

I know there will be those of you who’ll interpret this to mean that I’m co-signing every harmful thing Kanye has ever done and said regardless of what I say, and I can’t stop anyone from misinterpreting me

And I’m okay with that.

I just want to be on the record stating that I…

Something I’ve been going over in my mind for almost a year is this profound sense of melancholy I’ve gained after realizing that I’m autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, etc.

Not because I am those things.

But because the cultural concept of those things intrinsically excludes Blackness.

And because of that, there are so many Black people – from Boomers to Gen Z-ers – who’ve gone through or are currently going through their lives without any real access to information about themselves that’s literally life-changing.

And I don’t even mean that as an exaggeration either.

Medical professionals, mental health professionals, and social…

Since the first episode of Euphoria aired on June 16, 2019, I’ve talked about and stanned this series every single chance I got. There wasn’t a person I encountered who I didn’t ask some variation of “Have you seen Euphoria?”

Just today I asked one of my friends that very question.


Because Euphoria has managed to be one of the most relatable dramas I’ve witnessed in my Black-ass life.

Now, the show isn’t without it’s issues (ex: the lack of darker-skinned characters in its cast, and the lack of Latinx/Latine diversity), and you won’t catch me trying to explain…

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Being Black in the US necessitates a kind of hyper-visible invisibility in the spaces that can have the most impact on your life (ex: education, law, and economics), and having to be part of the vanguard to make people realize that the group of humans they unnecessarily hate the most – shout-out to white people who made and continue to make this possible – are actually an endless sources of creativity and a net positive for x institutions.

One of the traps we often fall prey to is the “get the formal education and training, then change…

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cw/tw: suicide, substance abuse, hypersexuality

If a psychiatrist doesn’t diagnose someone with a mental “disorder/illness/disease,” does that mean that the person doesn’t have said “disorder”? And what happens when a diagnosis is inaccessible to the people who need it?

Unknowingly, those questions has hung in the air for me across my entire life. And they’re questions I’ve spent most of this year trying to answer.

While it is cliché to say – even more so due to the awareness of said cliché – I was definitely an outlier growing up. I…

I had spent all day preparing for this hookup: I woke up and stretched, showered drank lots of water and Gatorade, ate a hearty breakfast, ran for a bit, read some poetry, listened to music to psych me out, ate a healthful lunch, exercised, showered, douched, showered again, and prepared a post-coitus meal.

This was the most nervous I’ve ever been about a hookup. Ever. And I never get nervous about shit. Meeting guys to get paid? Easy. Making videos for my OnlyFans? No problem. Giving talks about sex work, and the need to decriminalize it in front of hundreds…

Keillan Cruickshank

Queer gender neutral Black autisitc writer.

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